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no videos working anyone else having logging on website to.?

New Job
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In 2 weeks time when high school ends I start my new job working nite time at a supermarket which is goin to be pretty cool - especially the money! hahaha!

Also in 2 weeks, short of a miracle, President Obama will be looking for a new job - as he joins the ranks of the unemployed he worked so hard to create in the first place - and I think we should help him find a new one that is suitable

Here are my suggestions -

1. Goat herder (like his granddad)
2. Kenyan Ambassador to the US (that way he could still live in Washington)
3. Health insurance salesman
4. Gay marriage celebrant (haha!)

Custom video
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A couple of cuties have posted custom videos posts on this site.Has anyone delt with them?

Anal Sex
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I've never had anal sex with someone, but I want to know what its feel like. Many people told me that it felt like really good. I wonder if that is so?

today is 12 year commemoration of Columbine tragedy and Day of Silence. its interesting to me that these are like this for this year at least. both are about awareness of bullyin and hate. so ironic too that its hitlers birthday today cos he the king of all that. but on other side, it '420' day aka national pot smokers day and come to learn about how the 420 name come to be and kind of interests me also maybe some you too (#1)

a little confusin to me and not from 420 cos cant use it with asthma and me brain has nuff fuse blown as is lol. but see, i learnt few years ago about much 'gay' history. so many people suffer, beaten by police, jailed and others murdered or like harvey milk, assassinated. to me, nothing to be silent about but stand up in honor of all those who make it some easier. i want to cheer them and thank them and honor them specially those not here with huge flowers and hearts.

i know what its like to hurt and feel misfit in many ways. but sometime just one person make the diff. i look back few years and it was me gran and me uncle and how lucky i am for both. when i could not talk, me gran said she knew i was here 'in there' she say. and when come she first one to see i am, me uncle took on from there and still there today and now gran cannot talk with alzheimers so i bring her flowers at least she can breath pretty smell cos i know she love it.

in past couple years i been here not signed up and gone and here again signed up then gone agaun cos i misunderstand easy. but one thing i understand good is others here hurtin and lonely and guys like alex17, toby19 help so much and alex first one to ever be friend here and toby give me courage to come out just like 2 months ago. so im grateful to them and all who are friends. had misunderstandin with one, feel hurt and we patch it all up. that is how real this virtual place can be.

so im not bein so silent today, but i do get why its done. but hope rest of year people out loud and proud and to be that we need be upstandin even here in play and personal time about what im writin somewhere else and that 'd come before f' cos all know short code 'wtf' ~ well d come before f and = diff ...

what the diff? between not us but what all us have that some hate so much. the diff is our sexuality and ya, this place all about sexuality and hey, im here so dont think im dissin nobody. but our sexuality just part of us and i never understand why we make other labels cos me, im not all agreed with 'gay' politics. i got not problem sayin, 'im a homosexual' cos it NO diff than other parts of what make me like im first gen american from brit/irish heritage. my race. my creed my beautiful blond hair (lol) and math genius and speech impeds etc. all small parts of me. but i dont want to celebrate the diffs. i want to talk about the sameness.

were all human beings.

so some know some things i like here and just maybe im gonna make that t-shirt says 'save brain function, sniff pits not poppers' and you all join me lol. but for serious, we all the same in this way, we cut finger, we bleed and all blood is red. we have hearts and feelins that can get hurt and if one hurtin another why is that? what hurt they have make them want to do that? how can anyone help?

some dont like me cos how i feel on same gender (sex) marriage. to me its big thing, im raised both catholic and protestant. me parents meet in belfast when like my age. irish girl. british boy. they hate death and war not each other cos of church so work together and so careful cos could be killed themselves like traitors. 25 years later, married, live in usa, 4 kids, success they go back to commemorate. that when billy get made. ya, made in belfast born in usa. so many other stories of struggle and yet success. that from marriage and marriage is holy even when between irish catholic and british protestant. means a lot to them and me. so i respect it. tolerance go 2 ways. maybe we never get 'acceptance' but maybe more understandin if we work to have legal matrimony. matrimony = marriage in latin. our laws come from latin roots and legal system uses latin still. ya should be right to have legal status or 'human right' as couple but not same as 'rite' from holy church. come on, look at pics and vids. holy? rofl and im guilty of unholiness cept some me undies cos they got holes in em but far from holy!

few days ago, i got work up about a vid on here and give nick18 full respect for takin off cos video made in a car that the boy end up killed in accident same car! ok,w vladimir shibanov was 18 when made it but he also abused since so young by sex tourism pedo and pimp igor rosanov in ukraine like other boys from poor families there. i for real dont think 99.9% of people here want that kind of thing so ya, i ask it taken off cos tarnish on the site and other goody people laff at me saying that. hey~ dont like? dont look! ya, most people here no matter sex life say theres a limit and anybody j-o to 18 year old crushed in car go look at car after accident or vlad's grave firstly. prolly change your mind.

not here to be anything really but a buddy to all like me who may not have too many or any at all in 'rw'. someone ask, 'can 2 queer males be friends without sex?' i think so. not sayin dont hug, kiss but mainly curl up and feel safe like 2 kitties or just be buds and bust each other balls about guy stuff like guys do, but maybe in queer humor. ya, i use the q word. neve the f word cept to describe cigaret in england like 'pack of fags' not mean group of homosexuals. oh dear, there that word again. ya, my name is billy and really, im not gay. im a homo and queer in so many ways (that mostly cos of bein aspie and found at least one friend here who relates so thats big to me!

im not here to copy what alex and toby do but help them however i can. nick is the code chef that cooks this all up and keeps fresh so i bow to him as unworthy wanker and bandwidth sucker yet humbly offer me geek skills if want and yes, im doin some other things but some wrong sayin 'compete' with gbt. LMMFAO! no way and cant imagine bandwidth costs! for last couple years, i save *scrap metal* to feed homeless and hungry rent boys right here where i live so no compete with gbt! if any want to learn bout how to help others where they live so we become stronger and respected, just pm me and i share ideas and things ive learnt.

so many good friends here and none i love more than them bein themselves and specially about age. like i put in profile b4, its not about age and that itself when i see in profiles turn off 'fat, old, hairy' ~ hey, what opposite of gettin older? i mean i hope im 60 some day like one friend here and we talk about stuff and he never hit on me. make compliments and i blush but not say 'turn on cam' or that kind of thing. how bout this day of silence we all be silent about 'turn off' amake some people hurt bad? ya a few old guys perv and pedo. some young guys prissy bitches act all like so better than other queers. make average joe or billy feel like hamburger markdown at grocery. so no bullyin? start with all us to each other. be at least respectin and maybe kind and thoughtful too.

ya just come back after me own meltdown and misunderstanding with someone here knows who he is and he knows me and we better friends cos find way through it and come out better friends. no drama just real people and both get hurt but big enough to say friendship stronger than this and we love each other as buddies. so lets all try to be buddies and help when ask and ya, bust balls to make each other laff but laff with not at you know? this day of silence im speakin out even makin mistakes and havin those 'social cue' issues. im human, i make mistakes and if we all get a bit more forgivin and less judgin maybe people hatin us take another look and say, dont mess with cos they got each others back! im sorry if ever offend anyone here. dont feel no shame about seeing that one vid gone or callin meself a homosexual ~ cos i am ~ no shame in it. so close with this thought

stand together if we just can be~
so much the stronger and truly FREE!

toby19 ~ and supportin buddies, thanks for the courage that make me feel it at long, long last. i hope you feel this today 4/20/12:


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At what age did you first have sex, was it with a boy or gril, their age.

sorry about the site crash
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I am sorry about the sites issues the past 12 hours, everything should be ok now and should be getting back to publishing a big backlog of videos now. We just had a few server issues, but its all been worked out and over the next few weeks I hope you will all start to see many improvements surface

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Besides the bedroom what places have ever wanked in? and did you get caught?

Back to School!
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Hopefully my whole thing posts, I know the blog thing has been a little glitchy lately...

I've gotten a few notes about keeping people updated with my life, so I'll catch you up. School has started this week, I left home on Friday and made it back to the dorm by Saturday morning. I took my time so I could see the sights on the way, take some pictures, people watch, etc. Just before classes ended at Christmas, my roommate and I took our relationship to a new point - we shared our feelings, we said 'I love you' and made love for the first time. He's the first guy I have been with, so I'm still really new to dating a guy. As confusing as girls were to me in the past, being with a boy has been a lot of unknown territory. Jeremy told me he would be driving in with his parents late Saturday, so I'd get a chance to get our dorm set up before he got there. We didn't talk about it, but I was planning on being there to talk to his parents a little. They don't know about us yet, but I thought I should get to know them, Jeremy says good things about them, so I figured it couldn't hurt. Our friend Lisa came over and she helped me unpack

winning the 205 million powerball lottery tonite
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gbt would get together

Bi vs Gay
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Do more guy say they bi or gay. Me im bi and loving it

Merry Christmas
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I want to wish everyone Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014.

I have made some great online friends on this site - and I am pleased to know you; cannot wait to meet you all in person on my travels over the next year or two.

One or two online friendships did not work out so well and these things happen; no hard feelings from my end.

Today I am commencing my summer holiday in a place called 'Papamoa' - a popular holiday area in New Zealand - and boy is it full of cute young guys at the moment! (3 wonderful weeks ahead!)

my frend ben
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I was 14, but a big kid and had matured very early and used to love to go out to the pool in my speedos and was very PROUD of the newly sprouted trail of hair that ran from my navel, on down

One day another boy, Ben comes over to where I am lying on the cement
and he squats down to talk for a while. He was 14 also,slim tanned body As he's talking, his cock falls out the leg of his nylon joggers.
I mention this to him and he said "I don't mind, do you? I'm sure
you have seen a guy's tool before.
We talked for an hour or so, all this time, his cock was hanging against his thigh and I could even see the engorged veins of his shaft under the thin material and by this time, my cock had formed a small pool of pre-cum in my speedos. Ben invited me to his house to show
me his new stereo set-up. I can remember walking acroos the pool
area with my towel stratigically place to conceal my hard-on. We stepped thru the door of his bedroom and he immediately slid his jogging shorts off and turned to me and asked if I wanted to shower the chlorine off... I did not say anything... I was tranfixxed. I was staringat an AWESOME hunk with the perfect V-body, deep tan, just the right amount of body hair and the most incredible DICK I have seen to date!
He smiled and simply walked to the bathroom and turned the shower
on and said, "Come on!" I stood under that warm water for what seemed
to be hours while he soaped and carressed my body...but he did not
once, touch my full-masted cock... We got out and dried each other
off and he led me to the bedroom and layed me on his bed and proceeded
to kiss every inch of my body, again, everywhere BUT my cock! He
then strattled me and gently, some times not so gently, ran his cock
over my chest, my face, my legs, my stomach, even my toes. He then
asked if I would like to see him cum... I almost whispered, Yes....
He stood at the side of the bed and then put on a real show for me...
feeling his cock and hard pecs and running his open hand over the
ripples of his stomach. He then asked me to touch him... I reached
around his thigh and placed my hand just under his butt and gave
his muscled leg a slight squeeze and then he threw his head back
and began breathing very deep and fast. His cock began spewing forth
a torrent of cum, He literally DRENCHED me with his boy-juice and
as his orgasm subsided, he dropped to his knees and took my cream-covered tool into his mouth. I had never felt a boys mouth on my prick
it was awesome, He swallowed my cock to the base and held
it there while he wiped globs of his cum from my stomach and chest
and massaged it into his own chest. My balls tightened and I began
to pump my load deep in his throat. We collapsed. Hours later I
got up to head home and he kissed me deeply and I will always remember
how that kiss felt and tasted.

Twitter abuse received by Tom Daley after he revealed yesterday that he is in a relationship with a man, is proof of how bad cyber bullying can be.

Some abusive responses to Tom Daley’s coming out, during which the Olympic diver revealed he is in a relationship with a man, during a debate around cyber bullying.

”There was one, I’m not even going to repeat some of the language as it is pretty horrific. One person is saying he is no longer a fan of Tom Daley because of the choice, as they call it, he has made.

“And one saying ‘I’m now so ashamed of my country.”

"straight crush"
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so in the "straight world people ask who is your gay crush. well i wanted to ask people here who is your straight crush. mine is jenifer lawrence from the hunger games. who is yours?

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thanks for deleting my blog...

Morro Rock
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View from my bungolo Morro Bay California

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how you like getten fucked. i like it with my but up

sex-education for boys
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mmmmmmm tasty
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grow your penis
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is it possible to perminitly grow the size of your penis

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Am lonely and depress, does anyone has any idea how to pull my self out of depression? please no drugs of any kind, enough problems i have

Being Thankful
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New boy down the street
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There is a new boy down the street. He is so cute. I wonder how to draw his attention....

Quiet or Loud?
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When your having sex or even when your just jacking off, are you quiet or do you make some noise? Watching some of these videos and not like the professional ones cause I know those are all fake bullshit but like the webcam videos its like some of the guys are gagged or something...I mean they're all SOOOO quiet and sometimes if you look at their faces even when they cumming it's like they aint even there...or their boyfriend is sucking their dick and it's like they don't feel a thing even when they start to shoot....even if I'm just jacking off I make more if someone is doing me!!

So...are you quiet or loud?? Do your neighbors 3 blocks away come banging on your door telling you to shut up?? ;-)

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it is that time of year, to give out some care and love, to whoever needs it, give encouraging words, or a reassuring SMILE, be there for someone, will do my best to keep their spirits up, take care my friends

Still broken go back to old servers
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I button still can't access the full screen activator button or the fast forward
button on your GAY BOYS TUBE site

when and what do you consider loosing your verginity?
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how old where you when you lost your virginity? what was your experience like?
and what do you consider loosing your virginity, as a gay guy?

like is it first annal sex you have or.. blowjob.. im confused at when you would consider it being lost

Anal experience ?
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hey guys. So basically I've tried anal twice, sort of unsuccessful, mainly because I feel the need to use the bathroom when he starts thrusting... I'm supposed to meet again tomorrow with him, and was wondering if this is common and if there's a way around it

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ok im thinking spring is finally upon us. who else has and addiction to motorcycles and/or fast cars/trucks? ;)

looking for cam guys for a group cam session
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hey guys im looking to set up a group cam session , regular basis just to jerk off together . if interested pm me:)

Ever have a Forbidden Love?
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I love you cody :)
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This will be mine and Codys first Christmas as a married couple. I'm so glad he never gave up on me. He is a strong man for putting up with me. Can't wait for Christmas morning.

Old timers appreciated here?
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New to the site. Somewhat saddened by the many comments by the young guys who don't want anything to do with older guys. Remember, we were once your age. Anyway, I hope to enjoy conversations and trading with those of you who can see me as a viable sexy person and not just some old fart. I can still "handle" my hard woodie.

Still long and strong at 62.


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