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We still dont get how this respond button works.

anyone 18 or under in southern ontario?
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just turned 18...seeing if theres anyone on here from southern ontario

Please Don't Feed the Animals
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I offer this just as a thought. When confronted with a thing that feeds on raw not feed it...ignore it and let it die. To feed it back only encourages it to continue to spew venom. It cannot survive being withers away like a turd in the rain.

Holy Crap! Its the end!
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You know guys, Missouri is a beautiful state but we also live in a violent state. Two days ago in a matter of minutes a storm with 60 mile an hour winds and I swear the lightning of Zeus himself blew through here. A tree next to my place took a firect hit and the bolt ground out in my well. Burnt out the pump motor. The wind took the roof off my wood working building, ( I am a woodcarver by trade) I thought my number was up. So if I am not around for a while dont think I ran away or died or forgot ya. I am just putting the pieces back together. This old buzzard aint going nowhere. Ya'll are stuck with me

Whole Albums Avatar boy
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Dear Everybody:

I'm new here, as a member, been coming here for years totally love this site.. I've noticed by the Avatars of some members, their into young like me..

hey all
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how is everyone???

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Damien has left us..without saying GOODBYE..anybody any idea's why..i have his e-mail address but no reply as yet!

Butt plug in while fucking
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When I fuck a boy or a girl, I prefer to keep my butt plug in. Anyone else experiences with that.

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new digs lol
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let's be friend
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looking for friends... I'm 20 and looking for chat friends. kik freshindo

thx guys

Hi guys, I really love this community here at You guys have really built something to be proud of. I'm hoping to start a discussion here, concerning this communities experiences and attitudes with the whole subject of showering practices at school, college, military, health clubs or some other arrangement, that you can enlighten us with. This discussion is open to all members, young and older. We can all learn from one another. Showering practices, attitudes or beliefs about it, have certainly changed over time and continue to evolve. I thought this would be an interesting topic for discussion, because of the diverse membership, with worldwide reach. Blessings to all.

I have a major thing for Asian boys...
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A few days ago, via Grindr, I found a guy who lives 5 mins from me and is after a ''cuddle buddy, friend with some benefits'' so I said hi and last nite he came over, we had cuddles, and within seconds of getting into bed his dick rubbed on my tummy and seconds later the clothes were off and we were at it. He is Malaysian background and has an amazing body and is so so cute and tonite I'm going to his place. He said we should do this ''most nites'' so I said look I could probably manage that haha.

I have such a thing for Asian boys. Not really vietnamese but all other asian boys just get me so hard. My last bf was from Hong Kong, and I've slept with one from every asian continent. (Not India, which is often refered to as South Asian, I just could never go there)

I remember 10 years ago, I was never attracted to them. Then I had a cute Thai boy one night, and it opened my eyes, but then I didn't experience another one until 2007 when I started a relationship with a guy who's parents are from Philipines but he was born here. We had an off and on again totally demented relationship that continues to this day, and we made a deal to one day get married.

But in the meantime, especially in the last 3 years, I just can't get enough of Asian guys. White guys lose their appeal to me once they hit about 21, I just don't like the ''manly'' look. I prefer slim, smaller built teenage-type bodies and us white guys just tend to lose them in the early 20's. I haven't lost mine (probably why I still get to sleep with ... younger guys) and I'm 33 now. But Asian boys keep these bodies until they are like 30! Its AMAZING and I love their smooth skin and cute looks and the way they always seem to be able to blow a HUGE load, which is good because I am quite the cum slut.

Too Much Reposts
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Seems to be a lot of stuff being posted that has been posted before. Would be nice to see new stuff not old stuff.

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c2c ? i'm 17 let me yours skype username

Kyler Moss
Views: 373 · Added: 641 days ago

Anyone knows where I can download the sugar daddy videos of Kyler? I's also really love to find "raw 2" the kinky video he did together with Roxy Red :$ thnx xxx

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Just wanted to say hey - been a lurker and watcher for a long time now and finally decided to not keep losing some good videos, so I'm here to watch and lurk and favorite at the same time haha.

new vids
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Hi guys. I want to post more vids, but they maybe borderlne. x

How often do you bottom? 100% 50% 0%? Just curious.
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I personally bottom about 30% of the time, I really enjoy bottoming but prefer to top.
What are everyone else's percentages?

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Big Cock or Small Cock or Normal Cock
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Whats better?? Big Cock or Small Cock or Normal Cock??? And Why??

"BillyB" (or as we call him "Billy3") remains in the hospital at this time, following what we now know is an attempt to end his own life.

We are here to find more of his online friends as we are at other places we know he visits. We don't know all of you, but hope you will join us this evening for a candlelight vigil for him. Please join the support page we have set up for him here at

From there, you can access the external blog where we are posting updates to family and friends near and far. You are welcome to join there and can create a Google account to do so with your current email address.

At 9:00 p.m. we invite you to light a candle and watch/listen/sing to one of his favorite videos, a concert he wanted to go to this year but cancelled due to the Olympics in London.

Thank you for keeping Billy in your thoughts and if a person of faith, your prayers also. We thank God he is still here. Now, we intend to bring him back, all the way and hopefully more.

Chris Savas, Billy's uncle

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hmm was asked to place this in the garden its not realy a beautiful work of art - a bit disturbing wonder what you think ?

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I feel like such a piece of crap right now, like for realz

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Sorry I havent responded to anyone. I was back in the hospital. I had an infection on my stump and the doctors ended up wacking off another 3 inches of what used to be my leg. They said if they didnt I would have died of blood poisioning. I should have not told them about it. Feels like they are taking me an inch at a time

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Do you recall your first memory of cumming? were you alone? with someone? where were you?

Down To The Stragglers...
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We are down to a mere 6 people who were born in the 19th century.

Yes or No
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Hi everybody, ok heres my problem my friend asked me to have a threesome with him and his boyfriend but i dont mess around with close friend (makes things weird).well to make things short i told him i would think about it. Should i do it or not?

I've been working very hard with my family to make my father's funeral day as beautiful and memorial as possible to all our family members, relatives and friends. Funeral will be held next Wednesday 19th June. I've flown from Bangkok to Europe and back once during this time and having flight back there again next Monday. Maybe I'll stay there 1-2 months taking care of all material and practical things like his will and inheritance. Lots of things to do...but I'll be back here on GBT as soon life is in “normal” way and balanced and in the meantime from my heart I send You all regards, hugs, kisses and Greatest Thanks again! Love, Toni

First gay experience
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I was talking to this guy online for a bit and he decided to message me asking if I wanted to meetAudi instead of usually saying no, Idecided to go for it! He invited me over to his house where he showed me around a little and then headed up stairs to the bedroom where we started making out and where clothes came offquickly. Before I knew it, he was jacking and sucking me and before I knew it, my head was between his legs. He then told my to lie down onbad back and we started 69ing. The next thing I wasn't expecting. He told me to lie down and he started rimming me which is an odd sensation to adjust to at first. He then lied on top of me which his head between my cheeks. It felt great and I knew he wanted to fcuk but I wasn't ready for that. And believe me, we tried lol. His fingers did however feel amazing inside me and I blew two loads. One in his mouth and the other all over myself, and he blew one all over himself. I thought because he was 43 and I'm 18 that it would be weird but everything felt good and right.




Jerking off
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When you jerk off do you have to look at your dick as you are cumming? I know I can't seem to take my eyes off my dick as I shoot a load.

Coming OUT! I am GAY
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I have decided with myself that I am not bi but am gay.
Im 22 and lately I feel like I'm dying in the inside and suffer constant mood swings. You are the first person to know my true sexuality. The reason for that is because the term gay (homosexual) has bad connotations. I know that telling my family will devastate them. All my relationships with women have never worked out for me, they end up being awkward. Ever since middle school and now I have been attracted to guys.
So my point is that I do not wish to expose my sexuality to the people I know in fear that I will psychologically harm them. I love my friends and family and am consumed with fear and anxiety by simply telling them that I am gay. Which is why I haven't told my loved ones.
I am posting this so that a stranger one I do not know can provide me with advice. Since I do not know you... I do not have the fear of being judged or looked upon.

Invitation to all✾◕ ‿ ◕✾
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Hey guys its me Ruslan :) I want to give an open invitation to you guys. If you have time check out our page . Its about being positive. Its about being gay and helping other gay teens. My friends and i chat it up on the wall on my page. Nothing is off limits . From break- ups to car repair . All you will find is chill gay boys that want to help. Its nothing more or less then that. Because we believe that being gay is chill and want you to know you are not alone . So if you have time come by and post even if it is to say hi. If you have seen the page tell the other gay boys here what you think. Love you guys Ruslan ≧◔◡◔≦


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