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"My partner prefers masturbation" (Striaght Couple)
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(Q) I have been in a relationship with my partner for two two years. We had a healthy sexual relationship when the relationship started but lately his preference has been masturbation to the point of staying up after I go to bed so he can do the deed. I have a healthy sex drive and have spoken to him about the dissatisfaction I am feeling. Is it normal for men to prefer masturbation over sex with their partner? Am I being unreasonable?

Just Another Day
Views: 431 · Added: 629 days ago

This is where I come from...aint proud of it but no regrets do what you gotta do or you die...but aint going back neither....theres lots more of us out there...if you see one of us, don't look away...we need you....

Billy you might not want to read this, big brother....I tell it raw....

Noise woke me up just like always...lay quiet in the dark of the building listening hoping its just rats and not someone coming close...soft sounds...I relax a little and look at my watch...6:20....morning? Yeah...remember last night...

Cold and I pull my jacket closer but it don't help...fuck...get up off the floor and grab my backpack sling it over my shoulder and go through a hole in the wall into the alley. One Newport left and I light it then check my pockets....dollar thirty seven...shit...can get a couple cigs from the Arab down the street or some coffee from McDs....fuckin cold so coffee...

Come out of the alley and look around at the empty buildings...couple guys out picking up bottles and theres Crazy Mike coming out of a place across the street...nod over at him and he gives me that wildass smile...Mikes very cool but very fucking crazy....

Head down the street to McDs and see a couple vultures already driving slow looking for meat....don't stop don't slow down I aint ready just fuckin woke up fucker slows and stops and looks over at me...its Stinky a regular down here and I know he likes young been with him a couple times...he's looking at me and I dont want to but walk across the street and lean in. Need a ride somewhere he asks know what I need you fat fucker...

But play the game so I'm like yeah need to get downtown aint got enough for a bus...I can give you a ride want to make some money? Shrug...sure man...fucker dont even remember I done him like 4 or 5 times before but I remember him...Stinky cuz his dick dont smell too good but fucker pays and no trouble so he says yeah and unzips and I bend over and go to work...

Shut it off turn it off dont think about it just do it and get it done and he starts to grunt and my mouth fills up and I swallow wipe my mouth and take the bills....see ya around kid...yeah fuck the game....see ya....

Fuck 40 bucks good start enough for a room tonight not on the floor of a fuckin old factry or whatever or get some shit from asshole get a fucking room its fucking cold...

Coffee and a mcfuckinmuffin takes the taste of him out of my mouth but I can still smell him and walk down to the Arab at the Marathon and buy me some 'ports the smoke takes away the smell...head towards downtown watching the street gotta play the game the vultures are still out and might as well be me they pay...

Fuckin Crazy Mike is talkin to some dude and gets in the car and gives me a wave...gotta smile...get some Mike you crazy fuck...don't notice the Merc stop until the guy gives me a whistle...suit and tie in a red Mercedes...get some chicken meat before you go fuck someone in your office...dudes all business no want a ride his dick out already...get in the car and he pulls into an alley and I start...suit takes a while and I"m thinking come on asshole and finally he pushes my head down and starts to pump cant keep it all in my mouth dammit kid you made a mess....fuck you motherfucker I think but play the game and wipe him off my lips and take the money and he's gone in his fucking Merc...

Another 40....fuck yes...look around and aint shit going on now...keep walking downtown looking like some fuck going to school....stop at the Y and go inside....yeah Joes there he lets us use the shower long as we dont mind him watching and sometimes maybe a little more...he locks the door and puts his shit in the janitor closet and I strip off and Joes checking me out so give him a little show before I start to clean up....rinsing off look over yeah figures hes got his dick out so follow him into the little room and start to kneel down but he pulls me up and I know what he wants and turn around...fingers on my ass then inside me greasing me up good I hope cause fuckers big as hell then he's pushing inside me and I bite my lip fuck dude give me a minute to get used to it but he's already pushing in and I keep quiet as I can and finaly it stops hurting and starts feeling good and his hand is on my cock and dont care if his skin is like sandpaper I shoot hard and feel him hot and wet in my ass...he keeps moving in me and its like he never stops pumping til finally he does and pulls out damn you got one fine ass boy and hes zipped back up so pull my jeans up can feel it running out my ass...

Libary opens pretty soon so head on out with him still leaking out of me and get there just as its opening...lady gives me a smile like she always does and I know she knows what I just done can see it in her face but she dont say shit except a really quiet good morning and I give her a smile...what the fuck makes her happy I guess...into the toilet and wipe my ass...try to wipe it out of my jeans but its already got soaked in so fuck it...grab a book and sit where I usualy do where I can see the door and get out of sight if a cop comes in like they sometimes do...

Bout noon I"m outside smoking a cig and libary lady comes out looks around and comes over....made too much lunch if you want half a sandwich...first time she done it I'm like no that's okay but now I take it and give her another smile...thanks...she gives me a little smile and stops like shes gonna say something but then goes back inside and I watch her then eat the sandwich...

Movin off towards the Flats and stop to see Fredo and he flashes me that gold-tooth smile que paso, 'mano? Sell me a ten Fredo and he looks at me...Fuck Z you know I dont sell that small....he shakes his head and gives me another smile...for you, 'mano...don't tell anyone else. Dude is cool but one seriously bad motherfucker...watched him pop another dude tried to rip him off.....popSPLAT...head fuckng blew up Fredo just smiled...but if you dont fuck him around Fredo will watch your ass for you and hes always good for a little something to smoke if your broke even if he bitches cuz he knows you'll be back with some green for him...he rolls one out of his stash and lights you doin' Z? Okay, oso, I tell him getting a laugh...get outta here now Z gotta do some work...give Fredo a wave and grab some seat time behind a wall and roll up another...lean back and just let it drift off...

Night-time and I'm in the Flats near a couple bars I'm so fuckin baked and kid comes over I seen him around don't know his name and he's like you hear about Crazy Mike? And I'm like no, what? Got his ass kicked by some guy.....fuck...he okay? No dude fucker beat him dead...oh crazy in the wrong car that sucks man....walk up the street a ways where the lights dont show and sit down for a minute...fuck....remember him waving...shit need to roll another....damn....Mike....

Got my room already should just go back and watch tv or go to sleep but wipe my eyes off and walk down to the corner...dudes walking towards me checking me out so I slow down and let him get a good look....gotta play the game man...

Looking for a personal model
Views: 240 · Added: 517 days ago

Hi everybody! I am looking for some guys who would like to make me vids. I have some cool scripts. I prefer bondage. :)

Views: 546 · Added: 207 days ago

hi do any younger guys like older guys

(help me)
Views: 457 · Added: 275 days ago

(help me) there is this lad in work that i like and i can not stop looking at him and being gay but not out yet it hard to chat to him.i do not want to come out myself but i want to know if he gay or not

im an ass
Views: 265 · Added: 542 days ago

so today at work i randomly asked people who came up to the cafe ( i work at sams by the way) "so you came hear to watch me strip"

SEX Stories
Views: 734 · Added: 620 days ago

Hey everyone !im new on GBT but love it!! <3 i wanted to know some of your first times! pleade the more detailed the better !

Hello everyone!
Views: 173 · Added: 545 days ago

Its Sunday and I've decided to try something new. My realtor and new friend has talked me into trying a hobby of his... Skydiving! Yes I know its kind of a waste jumping out of a perfectly good plane but I just cant say no to his baby blue eyes. Going for my first lesson today wish me luck. I remember a bumper sticker I saw once "prachutes are like friends, if they are not there when you need them chances are you wont be needing them again" I'll let you know.....

Update Coming!
Views: 394 · Added: 657 days ago

Around the start of the month we will have a rather big update that we will begin listing. This will offer many more viewing options, you could say a whole new network of sites. I truly appreciate all of our members support, as with out them nothing would be possible and hope you will enjoy the new options

how do u balence ur faith
Views: 295 · Added: 337 days ago

so im wondering how many people here are actuall christians or active members of another religion. how do u handel homosexuality and ur religion

friend leaves
Views: 162 · Added: 173 days ago

sunday october 27,2013...socialsccott has left..sad for me,,he will be ok ..he ,,i believe ,,has left before,,he felt the need to go..he is a good friend..hey scotty..come back soon..we need you,,sweet love..

Pop ups ?
Views: 322 · Added: 574 days ago

Why am I getting pop ups now every time I log on to the site now?

Any other good sites
Views: 1406 · Added: 834 days ago

are there any other good chat site's for younger users????

The First Time You Had Sex
Views: 423 · Added: 17 hrs ago

Sex can be a magical moment in our lives.

For some, it may just be the need for that physical contact with another human being. You're horny and you want to get off. Masturbating doesn't feel all that appealing, so you seek out another person to share the experience with. Maybe it is someone you just met; maybe it is someone you have known for a long time. All that matters is being touched by hands other than your own. The feeling of having various parts of your body rubbed and massaged: your back, your chest, your legs...your raging boner (or as I like to call it, the "danger zone"). All you care about is feeling good...

For others, it may go beyond just the need for physical contact. It may be the need for an emotional connection... The need to fulfill that incredible desire to fall in love with someone. You don't want to just go out and have sex with every gay boy you meet; you want to find that special someone and spend the rest of your life with him. You want someone that you can lay down with in bed at night as you give him that special smile that you never give to anyone else. You want someone that you can make love to just for the sole purpose of expressing your undying love for him...

To put it simply: some people want to have sex just for the sole purpose of having sex while others prefer to make love to someone that they are deeply in love with.

Now, I want you to think back to the very first time you had sex.

Were you simply fulfilling the need for sex, or were you expressing your love for someone?

Was it someone you just met, or was it someone that you had known for a long time?

How old were you when it happened?

Where did it happen at? In a bedroom at home? The back seat of a car? In a boat, out on the lake, on a warm summer day? In a restroom at the mall? In front of a fireplace inside a dimly lit room with soft music playing in the background?

How did you feel afterwards? Afraid? Sad? Embarrassed? Remorseful? Angry? Suicidal?

How did your partner feel afterwards? Did he spend the rest of the day/night with you or did he just get up and walk out?

Was your very first time an overall pleasant experience, or do you wish that you had waited? Was it a moment in your life that you would like to experience all over again?

Views: 440 · Added: 400 days ago

Hey guys I'm very much into briefs or tighty whities so if you know where to get pics or videos on here let me know. Thanks

Deeply Troubled
Views: 363 · Added: 573 days ago

I just read remarks on a blog accusing multiple people I consider friends of misrepresentations. What troubles me, is why someone feels the need to attack others. I don't understand how it is any of their business what others do on this site. Accusations against me, I could care less what he says. I have made many wonderful friends here. What he says about me isn't based on any knowledge he has of my relationships here, or friendships. So his words have no meaning when applied to me.

That being said, the desire to disrupt a small and caring community with accusations, is only to feed his own ego. I thought that ignoring him was the answer. Frankly, his desire to attack others troubles me. I would happily leave GBT and find other ways to stay in touch with my friends, if I thought he would leave. But I doubt that would happen.

I care deeply about this community that I feel a part of..And I feel sad at what is happening to it.


Who do you want for Christmas?
Views: 184 · Added: 137 days ago

I want Evan Peters

Views: 144 · Added: 210 days ago

Thinking about deleting my profile on here

who is the real.... MR. PAYALOT?????...PLEASE STAND UP
Views: 263 · Added: 542 days ago

IS HE MR PENISMAN/TOMMYGUN??..NATE88/KALA/TOBY/A BUNCH OF OTHERS????..IS HE MR. TOLEAD ALTER EGO?????....DAVEY1965?????....HILLBOY????...JEDCLAMPETT???....CUTKIWI???..PAYALOTTT???..NATE88 IS ON " HERE 20 HOURS " A that because he has so MANY different people to play???SO MANY DIFFERENT BLOGS AND SO LITTLE TIME....look back 2 weeks ago when payalot wasnt here... quote "sure is quite around these parts"....SO WHO IS THE REAL MR PAYALOT????...

im in hospital
Views: 384 · Added: 808 days ago

im in hospital...does anyone wanna cheer me up? please :(

dont know what i want
Views: 271 · Added: 617 days ago

over last 4 years i done alot of things that no one would think i would do and especially me but know it got to the stage it tearing me apart inside, The things i did was basically had sex with another guy it was my 1st time and i was nervous at first but in the end i loved it and ever since i just been interested in guys more then women but whats actually tearing me up inside is that i got a family i dont wont to let down or lose and on the other hand is i want be with a guy aswell

Merry Christmas to all
Views: 152 · Added: 482 days ago

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all my dear friends on GBT a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I feel truly bless to know you and to have found such wonderful people.

Tolead my Dad: You are everything that I aspire to be warm caring and intelligent. You have a heart as big as the earth itself and you have always been there to encourage me and pick me up when I am feeling down. I couldn't love you more if you were my biological father

Mrpickles, Peter: When mean people attacked me you rushed to defend me, when I got hurt you were the first to offer help.I am so very proud that you made a big donation to the homeless, and will be working Christmas day serving hot meals to those in need. Peter you are my hero! You have checked on me and Dad has kept you updated, I consider you my Uncle

Steesbratt, Stephen: You have been there for me to pm with and talk to when I need to talk with someone my own age. You have offered me your shoulder and your strength like a big brother.

You are my family. I no longer am an orphan thrown out and discarded by an uncaring ass of a father. I have a loving Dad, Uncle and Brother.

Now I am no longer alone in the world. I have someone who cares for me in real life now. His name is Stephen and he is a wonderful person. We live together now and love each other, we dont have sex he loves me for me. (get your minds out of the gutter boys) I for the very first time in my life am looking forward to Christmas.

God Bless you all!

I love you

Views: 139 · Added: 171 days ago

I don't think in all my life I would ask another man to marry me. This past valentines day I asked my boy to marry me. We will be getting married here in Cali. then go to Vegas for a second ceremony. I just thought I would never do this. His parents come in to the states in DEC. we will do vegas for new year.

best videos and ones to see??
Views: 618 · Added: 481 days ago

what are the best videos on this site???

Why is it so hard to find a fuck buddy?
Views: 449 · Added: 654 days ago

You know guys I just would like to find a guy in my area that I could get together with now and then for some good old plain sex. No drama no Bull shit just him and I together giving each other pleasure, then once the urges are satisfied we go. Is that wrong? Why does it have to be complex? Why does everyone want to make a big deal? You come over we get naked we bust a nut or two in each other you get dressed and leave. We do it again next week, no muss no fuss, no whining over our feelings no drama, no presents no lets move in together no lets get married. Damn when we get horny we fuck like animals, then go back to our regular lives

Views: 196 · Added: 402 days ago

I am moving up to colage next semester. i am very exited. however, i have fears maby reservations of a roommate. im sure i am overreacting, but what if my roommate is homophobic... what do i do

Is anyone from Connecticut?
Views: 3630 · Added: 986 days ago

Just lookin for a friend.

hugs for all
Views: 113 · Added: 133 days ago

well i hope you are not suffering a winter depression. its cold and grey lots of days in europe...

Views: 271 · Added: 693 days ago

anyone else feeling crap?

any aussies or kiwis here? anyone have kik?
Views: 435 · Added: 536 days ago

Just wondering if there are any other aussie boys or kiwi boys on here, if there are you should message me. Also, if anyone under 25 has kik messenger you can msg me its trevmelbourne xx

a friend
Views: 142 · Added: 88 days ago

Just trying to, well, say, I feel deeply about my friends on here, I am emotional person didnt use to be, used to keep it bottled up, until I joined here. Came first to enjoy

real sex
Views: 345 · Added: 571 days ago

so im kinda tired of all the "fake sex". what i mean is all the pro porn vids on here. some are probly gay for pay and the love and passion isnt reall. does anyone feel this way? does anyone know any real non actor passonate sex on here


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