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Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2014
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The dates are October 4-12, 2014. It is one of the most amazing festivals.

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Congratulations Billy
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Congratulations to billyboy96 on getting over 4 million video views, considering all of his uploads are non-porn. Good job.

Andrew and Jeremy Discover: Kissing
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Andrew slowly sat down next to Jeremy on the opposite end of the couch, an alluring smile escaping Jeremy's lips as he glanced briefly at Andrew's beautiful face. Andrew glanced over at Jeremy and casually returned a nervous smile. No words were spoken as Andrew and Jeremy sat casually in front of the television watching nothing in particular.

[Well... Here they are... Together at last...]

Jeremy couldn't believe that he had the house all to himself for the entire weekend. He smiled as he reminisced about the previous Thursday when his parents had informed him that they would be leaving for the weekend.

[Why is Andrew just sitting there? He's Jeremy's guest. He's been sitting there quietly for 12 minutes now.]

Jeremy leaned over towards Andrew and waved his hand in front of Andrew's face. "Still awake?" Jeremy asked as Andrew smiled at the sudden five-fingered intrusion.

"Yeah, I'm still awake." replied Andrew as he readjusted his pants.

[What the hell? Is Andrew nervous? Is he expecting something to happen?]

"Nervous?" Jeremy blurted out as he smiled at Andrew.

"Yeah, a little." Andrew turned his eyes towards Jeremy and smiled. "We've never been alone together before."

[Uh-oh. I think Andrew is starting to blush a little. He must be shy...]

Jeremy slid over and sat closer next to Andrew. "You don't have to be nervous with me, we've known each other for a long time."

Andrew smiled; his face turning a brighter shade of red. "Yeah, I know. But...that was know."

"We came out to each other?" Jeremy concluded as he maneuvered his face directly in front of Andrew's; their noses almost touching.

"Stop..." replied Andrew as he smiled and playfully pushed Jeremy out of the way.

[Andrew is started to look a little sweaty... I hope he showered recently...]

Jeremy sat closer to Andrew; his thigh pressing up against Andrew as Jeremy carefully placed his left arm around Andrew.

[Uh-oh. Andrew's pants are beginning to look a little tight in the crotch. I hope he doesn't break his zipper.]

Jeremy reached over and squeezed Andrew's nose. "Honk! Honk!" Jeremy said as Andrew smiled and released a slight giggle.

[Ah, good. Jeremy's playful nature will help put Andrew at ease. Or piss Andrew off...but whatever.]

Jeremy's smile evaporated as he continued to stare nonchalantly at Andrew's desirable face. Jeremy reached up to Andrew's face with his right arm and gently place his index finger at the top of Andrew's nose. Andrew's eyes instinctivly closed as Jeremy gently pulled his finger down over Andrew's nose and down to his lips; finally stopping when he reached his neck.

[Hold on... I think Jeremy's gonna go for it... And it looks like Jeremy's thigh is being violated by Andrews right hand. Curious...]

Jeremy placed his hand gently on Andrew's cheek and turned his head so that it was facing his. Andrew's eyes slowly opened as Jeremy began to massage Andrew's chin.

[3....2...1... It's now or never, Jeremy.]

Jeremy closed his eyes and pressed his lips up against Andrew's mouth, being careful not to appear too forceful or presumptuous. Andrew's mouth slowly opended to let Jeremy know that he was doing the right thing.

[I hope neither Andrew nor Jeremy has gas. Gas can be a real deal-breaker... Did something just go "pop"?]

Andrew placed his left hand on the back of Jeremy's neck as they simultaneously inserted their tongues into each other mouths.

[Whew, it's okay. Andrews zipper didn't break. He just reached over with his other hand and unsnapped Jeremy's pants...]

Jeremy pressed himself...

[Wait... What?]

Jeremy pressed himself up closer to Andrew and placed his hand underneath Andrew's shirt. Andrew let out a slight moan as Jeremy's hand found his erect nipple.

[So much for being shy, eh Andrew? You've got your friggin' hand on Jeremy's ass underneath his pants that you just reached over and unsnapped...]

Jeremy pulled his face away from Andrew and smiled. "You wanna go upstairs?" Jeremy asked as he gently caressed Andrews arm.

[Uh-oh. I think Jeremy is attempting to initiate phase two of his plan.]

"Lets go." replied Andrew as he got up off the couch. Andrew reached down and gave Jeremy a hand up as he looked down and noticed Jeremy's raging bulge. "I must be a pretty good kisser, huh Jeremy?"

Jeremy reached down and took ahold of his pants so they didn't fall down. "You are." he smiled. "Kinda makes me wonder what else you're good at..."

[Is it getting hot in here, or is it just Andrew and Jeremy? Oh...]

"Lets get upstairs and find out." Andrew smiled as he pulled Jeremy's hand towards the stairs.

[Now who's blushing, Jeremy?]

Jeremy followed Andrew towards the stairs. He was grateful for the dim lighting. He was afraid that Andrew might discover his rosy cheeks.

[To be continued... What? Did you think I was going to give it to you all at once?]

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Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

Ice cave
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First Sexual Experience
Views: 17093 · Added: 11 hrs ago

Describe your first sexual experience. How old were you? Where did it happen? What happened?

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I'm Back!
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Hello. Hello. Hello. Yes, I am back after a long while. It feels good to be back....with school and other stuff, I Barely have time to myself, but I am going to make this work. So please feel free to add me, check out my videos, and subscribe....message me even! Can't wait to hear from all of you again!

ok scottish independance
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fine but braveheart was just a movie why cant we be friends better together

cock size
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Kinda liking soft smaller cocks than big hard ones... probably wanting to do something to make them bigger....

Eating cum
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Hey friends on GBT,

I have a problem... kinda.

Im realy into eating my own cum, I see video's of people doing it. That makes me so horny to try it. The only thing is when im wanking and im cumming I just don't want to do it anymore... And that really pisses me off.

I have tried forcing my self in doing it but I still can't.

I tried put your cock above your mouth.. but at the moment im gonna cum I put my legs back down... so that doesn't work aswell.

Can any one of you tell me how I can do it... Have some tips or something?...

(As long as I can't eat someone else's cum because I have no boyfriend, I have to do mine)

is this site with malware?
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Google chrome stated that there is malware on gbt. Malware from

First time.
Views: 186 · Added: 1 day ago

Hey guys anyone want to share there first sexual experence. I love to hear the differant stories. I will share mine also.

Views: 46 · Added: 1 day ago

At last got a weekend free got to try do something anyone free

Views: 99 · Added: 1 day ago

This old building has been abandumn and now the city wants to tear it down what a damn shame

nude camping
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i so wanna do this.

charlies gang
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frankie hooper and tinker charlies gang they annoy me when i eating lunch but guess thats dogs for you -hooper is my friend the white dog he walked off and was lost in the woods for a week was found starving having suffered a stroke he wasnt put down but now has a funny walk and a crocked tail - giles

In Love with My Best Friend....
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It's tough because he "claims" to be straight. I'm pretty sure that he's bi. I've been in love with him since 2008 and "deeply" in love with him since 2010. I gave

Bars and Melody....
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No one understands your struggles but so many people want to help you. Never give up. Keep your head up ...Leo

Scam or What
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I got this in my Inbox yesterday:

Hello Amyntas, Can you pleeeeeeease click this link and register for me please? It will only take a couple of seconds. I cam there and this will help me a lot. Also, if you are interested in live chatting boys for free, then this is a win-win for us. ;) Please help me out? You only have to open the link and then click SIGN UP and then register.

This was unsolicited but soliciting! Since then the 'user' seems to have disappeared from the site and I didn't get his name. I assume that this is some sort of scam and I haven't gone for it. Anyone else had one or am I uniquely blessed? Should we be on the look out for more similar.

The Cafe Wall Illusion
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The cafe wall illusion is a geometrical optical illusion in which the parallel straight dividing lines between staggered rows with alternating black and white bricks appear to be sloped but are not.

im so sad
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hello to whoever is listening im so sad , i lost my roomate and i feel like i did a terrible thing by making him leave he is only 19 but

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